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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Statistics for Dummies: Sports and Statistics in Everyday Life

I have learned about the 4 areas of Statistical methods: Descriptive statistics, probability, statistical inferences and statistical techniques. I have learned about population, sample, random sample, survey, census, data, numerical and categorical data, data set. The data set is the collection of all the data taken from a sample. So a statistic is a number that summarizes the data collected from a sample. And statistics are based on sample data, non on population data. When data is collected from an entire population, we have a census. I also learned to distinguish between mean or average, median, mode, standard deviation which represents the typical distance from any point in the data set to the center. It’s roughly the average distance from the center. I also learned how to calculate the standard deviation, understand its properties (s can never be a negative number; the smallest possible value for the standard deviation is 0; it has the same units as the original data. I also learned about the connection of probability to statistics. There are two conceptual approaches in the study of probability, objective and subjective probability. I learned about P(A or B) and P(A and B). I also learned about conditional probability as expressed in the probability of A given B = P(A and B)/P(A). A probability tree is also defined.

Probability is about uncertainty and outcomes. Life itself can be interpreted as a sequence of unpredictable events. Probability can be used to help predict the likelihood of certain events occurring. By collecting data which can be summarized and interpreted with statistics, one may get a better idea of the salaries of the NBA and NFL athletes. Since every probability is a number or percentage between 0% and 100%, one can have an idea of weather report predicting an 80% chance of rain. If I get this report, I will most likely wear a raincoat to work or school. At least, I will have an umbrella. If I have all the salaries of NBA team San Antonio Spurs, I could calculate the mean, median and mode of all the athletes’ salaries. Another real-life example is that of stock brokers. They use probability in their decision-making every day. They wonder whether a given stock goes up or down, whether to buy or sell or inform their clients. Statistics are also present in the news reports and NFL games. In fact, most NFL coaches have dedicated staff who monitor the statistics of games. Then, broadcasters report them to us, fans and viewers. A new website is trying to start trading players. ProTrade.com starts as a fantasy player trading. The premises of the site are each player’s stats.

I learned about regression, correlation and the tests associated with them. b1 and bo are the coefficients or parameters of the equation. t-test is used to test the significance of each coefficient. f-test is used to test the significance of the equation as a whole. Y is the dependent variable where is X represents the independent variable. Formulas to calculate b1 and r are given. Regression analysis is the process of estimating a functional relationship, or of using statistical methods to obtain an equation between random variable y and non-random variable(s) X(s). And Correlation analysis involves measuring the direction and strength of the relationship between two random variables. This measurement takes a numerical form called the correlation coefficient. Correlation coefficient is between -1 and 1 (inclusive). This is very important in the reporting of data in a research.

I also worked on some problems to find the sum of cross deviations from the two means SSxy, b1 and bo (Ybar –b1 Xbar), write the estimated equation, calculate the standard error of the estimate b1 (Sb1), state the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis for b1, calculated t, state the rejection rule, find the point estimate of the variance S2 which is the mean square error (SSE), calculate F etc. I also learned about calculated t in regards to the rejection rule. If calculated t is larger than table t (alpha)/2, n-2, or calculated t is less than negative table t(alpha)/2, n-2, reject the Ho. Finally, I also learned about simple linear regression analysis, multiple regression and model building.

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NBA Stars will spend on their girlfriends now that Bling-bling is banned!

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NBA Athletes Will Need A New Wardrobe: Here is the new look; Shaq is ahead!

Friday, October 21, 2005

What is Business Casual for NBA Players? The Commissioner's New Dress Code: Stern Standards

No Skimpy, Baggy Jeans, Retro Jerseys, Large T-shirts for NBA Players: David Stern's new Stern Edict

Dress Code Professionalism: Like Prom Dress Code, NBA's new Dress Standards

NBA commissioner David Stern cares so much about the image of his product that he has to take actions. He cares about how his main product, playing basketball, is perceived out there. More importantly, he cares about the images of his players. This is why he wants them to shape up or ship out. Well, they may have to pay fines or get suspended.

Now the question is how to get guys, rich players who have grown accustomed to going to work in super large retro jerseys, baggy jeans, Grand-Canyon-size t-shirts to adopt the Business Casual look? Names of players that jump to mind are the likes of Shaq, Allen Iverson etc. Let's quickly say that Shaq usually wears his three-piece suit at some events.

Players will have to clean their closets, take out some major bling-bling, pendants, chains, medallions etc. They will have to start wearing long or short-sleeved dress shirt and/or sweaters. They'll have to start wearing nice slacks. With this new set of dress codes, David Stern may have helped the designers and retailing industries without even meaning to. How about purchasing some khakis? Those who decide to wear their baggy clothes and Jerseys will face still penalties and fines. Some of the players already plan on disobeying the new code. They'd rather pay the fines instead of giving up the long chains that go down to their knees. They also planning on using these fines as write-offs.

Time has come for those rich guys to shape up. Some will comply, others will rebel and reject the new rules. Coaches and NBA reps may become the new school principals on prom night. Just like prom dress code, the NBA dress Code will have players try to sneak a few combinations here and there.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

NFL Games and Players I Like To Watch: Dallas vs. New York Giants and more

New York Giants vs. Dallas Texas

Washington vs. Kansas City

Atlanta vs. New Orleans

New England vs. Denver

San Diego vs. Oakland

Jacksonville vs. Pittsburg

Minnesota vs. Chicago

Green Bay vs. San Francisco

Arisona vs. Philadelphia

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Taking Singing in Your Undies To A Higher Level: Cristina Aguilera is comfortable in her skin

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Beach music, reading and enjoying the breeze

Trying these jacket, bra and panties

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Israeli Troops move in to remove protesting settlers from Gaza. Amid cries of "Jews don't expel Jews" to thoughts of the holocaust when the police start delivering containers full of police on top of the synagogue where resistants were holing up, everybody in Israel and all Israeli sympathizers have realized how tense these situations are. With these images, Israel has taken steps to give back to the Palestinians their land. Forced removal from Gaza is the norm. Those who are forcibly removed will lose some of their resettlement monies. Security forces storm other synagogues to evacuate protesters. Water canon vehicles are also brought in amid the rock throwing, hugs, human chains and defiance of the settlers. Observers are saying that this is a first by the jewish state in that it orchestrates the expulsion of its own people from a land which will become part of the Palestinian state. What is clear is that Israel starts taking steps to recognize the rights of a Palestinian state.

The right clothes should be able to fit in every occasion. Belgian Tennis player, Kim Clijsters shows the power of her thigh muscles by stretching to reach a ball during the JP Morgan tennis tournament in California. Once again, the right uniform, the right jersey saved the day.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Jose Canseco's JUICED: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, And How Baseball Got Big

Do you wonder whether anybody wants to wear his jersey? Think again. Jose names names in his book. He said he took steroids and human growth hormones with Mark Maguire, Rodriguez. In Juiced, he went further than what we have already known. High-profile players such as Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield have been dealing with the steroid issues.

In a 60 minutes series played twice, he admitted to having used these ilicit drugs during his career despite the fact that he had said otherwise. He realized that reporters can make a player's career if they like him or destroy him if they dislike him. He said there was no objectivity in the news.

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